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I am impressed, and amazed, how our conversation today was deeply meaningful.  I have not pursued 
the addiction aspect of my complaints, and, that's where healing lies.  You are indeed a wonderful Counselor. Thanks again

Joan, NYC, NY

I have learned a whole new way of life with the help and support David at Trigger Free Nutrition. I started out with a tool for weight loss and that was Bariatric Surgery "The Gastric Bypass" which started okay but was not enough for me. I started to gain the weight back (40 of the 60 pounds I had lost). David and I talked about the possibility that I could have a sugar addiction. I was willing to listen and boy am I glad.

Since I gave up (Sugar, Flour, and Wheat) my life has changed in such a positive way. In my recovery as a Sugar Addict I have lost weight, in one year between 60 - 80 lbs, and my emotional state is the best it has been in over 50 years. My health has turned completely around, I am no longer a diabetic, I do not have high blood pressure and I can move around freely. I am not tired or short of breath. If you have any questions or concerns I would recommend you get in touch with TRIGGER FREE NUTRITION right away! David is a Pro! 

Robin, New Hampshire

I have to thank David for how much he has helped me over the past year. Not only am I at a healthy body weight for the first time in my life (well since I was five) but I am a much more contented person than I was when I first met David. 

I know that I was probably not the easiest patient David dealt with but I have learned and grown so much from my weekly interactions with him in group as well as working together one on one. I would never have had the success I've had both with my weight loss and emotional development if I had no met David. 

The weight was always an outer symptom of my inner obsession with food and David helped me to see and acknowledge that as well as take the steps necessary to change. He is truly dedicated to helping people with food addiction and I know that he will succeed in helping more people. I am truly blessed that I had the chance to work with David in my recovery process.

Beth, Boston

December 14, 2015 was a life-altering day for me. I entered a treatment centre for my food addiction and my life has been transformed, as well as losing 75+ pounds.

It was an in-house program for three weeks, based on the 12 Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. The food plan was devised by David. It is a weighed and measured plan, and we don't eat any sugar, wheat or grains. It came with pages of examples what we could and could not eat. Very factual. And recipes.

I was a person who thought I couldn't drive to Florida without eating peanut butter sandwiches! Now I have healthy choices! In my ignorance of my disease, I didn't realize flour was a trigger for me. During the whole three weeks, I was never hungry. David's knowledge and support has helped me tremendously. I know for certain I would not have the success I have today without David's help. 

I was fortunate to meet David last September when I was in Boston. He's great! I feel he always has time to answer my many questions. He explains in layman's terms the sometimes complicated side of food. I feel David has my back, my own personal cheerleader.

Marlene, Toronto

A food addiction therapist led me to seek help from David Avram Wolfe for a meal plan that would quiet my cravings for sugar and highly processed foods. He spent several hours assessing my history and the severity of my food addiction. The meal plan was specifically designed for my needs. I quickly turned to the meal plan that provided me peace and feelings of satisfaction that David provided. I reached out to David for continued support since I knew I could always rely on him for some inspiring guidance. After a few months of success my life became extremely stressful and unmanageable to me. I quickly returned to my old ways of eating, isolation, missing work and neglecting my son. After some very dark weeks I admitted myself into a hospital for an 8 week in-patient treatment program for my extremely low mood. After completion, I returned to the meal plan that provided me peace and feelings of satisfaction that David provided. I reached out to David for continued support since I knew I could always rely on him for inspiring guidance. I have reached 3 months of abstinence from sugar and processed food. My recovery is far from a straight line. At the same time I am thankful for David Wolfe’s continued support and guidance. Without it I would still be suffering.

Ed, Canada

I have been in food addiction recovery for 20 years, and was recently interested in transitioning to an all vegan food plan. I knew I couldn’t just do it on my own. I needed expert help to know which foods and how much of those foods would provide me with the best nutritional plan. I was so happy to find David! He is compassionate, non judgmental, and knowledgeable. In only a few on line sessions, we created a vegan food plan together. I have been following this plan since and I have never felt better! Thank you, David, for helping me at a crucial time.

Donna W, Recovering Food Addict and Psychotherapist

I have had the pleasure to collaborate with David in working with recovering food addicts during our mutual time involved in the Pilot Project at Renascent Treatment Center's Food Addiction in-patient treatment program during 2015-2016 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Through that experience we expanded our interest in working  together as a team and have continued to collaborate privately with individuals searching for support in recovery from food addiction. I find David to be passionate, caring, and so very competent in the treatment of food addiction. 

Martha Peirce, Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario with a special interest in treating food addiction for over 25 years.

Martha Pierce, Food Addiction Clinician

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