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Killing It With Quiche!

I love eggs and I am always looking for easy, fun and inventive way to make them different and exciting. I recently decided that I was going to give quiche a try and I am so glad that I did.

This formula is simple and repeatable and those are two attributes I am really drawn to in my cooking.

Instead of telling you how wonderful this recipe is, I am just going to tell you how to make it and you can decide for yourself. I do want to put out there that this might not fit into your way of eating, just because it works for me does not mean it is a good fit for you. We are all different!

I start off by hand grating 8 oz of sharp cheese into a metal mixing bowl. I like to use a very sharp cheddar. On top of this I add 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and six eggs. A sprinkle of sea salt and few turns of cracked black pepper. And finally combine all of these together with a dinner fork and set aside.

I then grease a 9 inch pie pan with bacon grease or butter. The easiest way to do it is place about 1 teaspoon of grease in the center of the pie dish and simple rub it all over with a few of your fingers. Honestly your hands are your best kitchen tool.

I then chop half an onion into a small dice and saute this with a bit but of butter and bacon grease. While this is cooking I take about 1 cup of broccoli florets, place them in a microwave safe dish, add 1 Tbs water, cover with a dish and microwave for 90 seconds. I find this method cooks the broccoli perfectly and keeps it a bright green color. by this time the onions are cooked. I drain the broccoli, chop and combine with the onions off the heat.

Begin by sprinkling the cooked vegetable mixture into the pie dish, do your best to evenly distribute. Then grab a cooked meat based protein, often times ham is used but you could use anything. You could use lox or salmon, you could use cooked pancetta, you could even use cooked ground beef if you really want too. Sprinkle about 1 cup of this protein on top of the vegetable. Then pour in the egg and cheese mixture. If you want to be really fancy, grate a bit of fresh nutmeg over the whole thing, but just a bit. Then you are ready to bake.

Load the pan in to a 300 degree oven and bake for 45-60 minutes. It is done when the shake the pan and there is no jiggle left in the center. That is it you are done. I love to serve this with a garden salad or a greek salad. My mom always taught me to rotate the pan 180 degrees half way through baking, so I do that with this quiche as well.

This holds great in the fridge and is a delight for company and is even wonderful cold!

I am going to do this with spinach and feta next, to try a meat free option for my parents who keeps kosher.

I hope you like it! Trust me, you will be making this more than once! I made it five times in one month!


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