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25 Action Steps!

The best advice I can give you is to approach your addiction as if your life depends upon it. Do not “cherry pick” through only a few actions. Perform as many activities as you possibly can every day. Don’t hesitate. Just Start! You have to use all the weapons you have in your armory.

Below you will find powerful ammunition!

  1. Write down words that are personally empowering every day. Live them!

  2. Call an understanding person (or more than one) every day.

  3. Hang up a cork board where you can post positive quotes, pictures, or cues that personally support your recovery.

  4. Provide service or help others in your tribe.

  5. Plan your work and work your plan.

  6. Stock your home with healthy foods

  7. Beware of HALT being Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. When you feel any one of these emotions, immediately take action to protect yourself.

  8. Write daily to clear out the junk (the mental and emotional garbage) in your head.

  9. Work with an accountability partner who knows you and will support you.

  10. Remind yourself what will happen if you take that first bite. Think it through and write it down (maybe tack it on your cork board as a reminder).

  11. Prep your food, so it is always readily available when you need it.

  12. Guard your abstinence by making a list of potential obstacles. Troubleshoot with an understanding friend/food addict.

  13. If you are worried about going somewhere, give yourself permission to not go!

  14. Make a list of your binge foods. Share them with another food addict. (Refer back to this list daily.)

  15. A.S.K. for help (Ass Saving Kit). Read more

  16. Continue to build a support network with healthy, recovering people.

  17. Nurture willingness by taking actions.

  18. Remember the sayings, "Green and Growing" & "Ripe and Rotting."

  19. Work your gratitude muscle. Make a personal gratitude list every day. Create a group gratitude message with/for your peeps every day. Also see my Blog on Adorations.

  20. Find new and healthy ways to soothe yourself (maybe a bubble bath, massage, manicure, listen to music, etc.).

  21. Make a list of ways you can be more gentle and kinder to yourself.

  22. Make a list of what will happen if you do not recover.

  23. Make a list of what will happen if you do recover.

  24. Say a prayer.

  25. Take quiet time and reflect on where you are going and where you have been.

And..." Remember, you won't have the time if you don't make the time" –Dr. Brian Lenzkes

Best regards, Dave

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