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Knowing Your Disease and Building Relationships

In 2008, I worked as a culinary intern at the famous Chatham Bars Inn, a hotel and beach resort on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. While I was working in the kitchen, I befriended the head of room services, Mark, who shared my love for music. I had given him a DVD with a massive amount of music, which he repaid with a gift of ten CDs of his favorite music, which introduced me to many new bands and songs I had never heard before. I thought this box of CDs was lost forever, but I unearthed it while decluttering getting ready for the new baby who will be arriving mid-December (or so they say).

Since then, I have been listening to the CDs on the way to and from my day job. Doing so, I came across the band, The Counting Crows, and specifically this song, Perfect Blue Buildings. It reminds me of active addiction, what it was like to seek oblivion on an almost everyday basis. I believe the song is about a man with an addiction to heroin; however, to me, addiction is addiction. As you know, I always say, "One Disease, Many Outlets," and ours happens to be sugar/food! Perhaps this song will speak to you too. Give it a listen or two. What does it stir up in you?

It reminds me of the loneliness, and how I tried and tried 'to keep myself away from me.' I tried and tried, but I found no comfort until I built a lasting recovery, which took time, effort, and WILLINGNESS!

This past week we got to listen to Cynthia, my dear friend, and co-author of our new book, The Fix for Cravings. Hearing her story was once again a strong reminder that it doesn't matter what your back story is, but it does matter what you do about it! Her thoughts re-sparked my interest in investing more and more time and effort in the ones I care for and the ones I love, and that includes all of you, anyone looking for recovery or inspiration. I care about you deeply. Keep moving forward! Make each day better than the last. Get as far away from the protagonist in the song, and let's recover in the day we are in, the present!

BTW I also wanted to share, Cynthia and I are working on a huge project together with some others who believe and work in the field of sugar/food addiction recovery. We cannot wait to unveil our project. We believe it will be life and recovery altering!

This week I also came across someone new on twitter, Dovid Feldman(@dovidfeldman), a marriage and relationship expert. The content he posted not only spoke to me but inspired me. Daily I complete a gratitude list, which includes one specific item about my wife, and share it with my friend, Jack. Dovid not only encouraged me but told me that I needed to share this with my wife, letting her know exactly what I adore about her. In a million years, I would never have thought to do this. (We cannot rely upon our own thinking; we need those around us to support us.) I have been doing this for the past four or five days, and the results have been amazing. My wife, Kelly, is a massive part of my recovery. I needed to share my gratitude with her. Try it! I can almost guarantee you and your partner will love the results! Check out this great tool he provides for free!

I am blessed to have surrounded myself with people who support me in every area of my life, including my local recovery community, my professional twitter community, my recovery twitter community (#recoveryposse), and in my product launch formula community. They all are so important to me. I am not sure where I would be without them. For example, I have recently engaged in a physical fitness program that never would have happened without the support of the people I surround myself with on twitter.

Your community will not build itself. It will take effort to curate and establish it. Get started today. As always, if you want results, Take Action!

I think that about sums it up! I hope you are all building a healthy life one day at a time. I sure am!

I couldn't do it without all of you!


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