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An Unexpected Closing

I just received a message from my old friend Kyle, who knew me back in my college days. He informed me his girlfriend was trapped in Istanbul and was unable to return home because of COVID-19. Her situation prompted him to message me because, during her quarantine, she discovered the band, The Band. I happen to be a huge fan of this group! They got me through high school relatively unscathed (except for my sugar addiction). I am telling you this because my friend Kyle closed our chatbox with these beautiful, powerful, and fantastic words.

It is good to know Kyle still has his way with words. He was never one to beat around the bush. He is an edgy, cut to the quick kind of guy.

We need more folks with this attitude about sugar and processed foods.

I agree, processed food is likely the number one cause of preventable death in this country and around the globe. That means a five-year-old can acquire a substance that is the leading cause of preventable death by simply asking his parents for a few dollars and spending it in a gas station or grocery store. How scary is this!

When I was at Low Carb Denver, many of the scheduled speakers were unable to attend due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. As a result, I got to hear David Harper, an impromptu speaker, whose words I will never forget. He said, "Cancer has a glucose addiction." His statement resonated with me to my core. I know so many individuals who live in fear of getting cancer, whether they know someone who has passed or is currently suffering, or they are merely afraid of what it might do to their lives. What if one of the best things you can do to decrease your odds of cancer is to give up sugar and processed foods? What if it is just that simple? What would you choose?

I saw cancer take two of the most motivating and inspiring people, who influenced my life, my friend Donald who died at the age of 28, and my grandfather Hal. I choose never to eat it again; I am worth it! As my friend and colleague, Dr. Vera Tarman, says, "I am sweet enough!"


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