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Spinach is Up

The backyard garden is really starting to come together. For the time being, I have the privilege of working from home, so I am actually able to watch my plants grow. I can't help but go out into the garden every few hours, pick a few weeds, check over things, and just enjoy the growth that is taking place right before my eyes. It has even given me the opportunity to meet some of my new neighbors as well, who are all so interested in what is growing. They have been noticing and commenting on the new innovations I am bringing to the neighborhood with my walls of water and my homemade row covers to keep out the birds, bugs, and excess heat.

I have nearly all of my spring/summer produce in the ground, most of which I have planted from seed. The Taichung-11 peas are about 6-12 inches tall and the yard-long beans are just sprouting. Last week I harvested the first of my crop, globe radishes which are refreshing with a mild kick! Some of my greens will be ready to be harvested in a week or two. I can’t wait to enjoy them in my salads. I have a lot to look forward to this summer and a lot to be grateful for.

Update: a month later the peas are now 5.5 feet tall.


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