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Feeling Shame?

Are you living with shame on a daily basis?

If so, I want to share something with you that is free of cost; however, it is only available for a short period of time.

Recently, I had the good fortune to watch a webinar entitled Shame Shields presented by an incredibly gifted, engaging, and knowledgeable speaker/therapist, Brené Brown. Shame is part of the human experience. None of us are able to avoid it. For this reason, although the program is advertised for the professional, I believe its message is appropriate for anyone and everyone.

I found the information presented to be very enlightening, informative, and helpful not only for my clients but for myself! Brown believes in the notion that shame requires factors such as darkness, secrets and quiet to enhance its growth while light, truth and giving it a voice impede its growth.

Rather than trying to put her thoughts in my own words, which will not do them justice, I strongly encourage you to take an hour of your time to watch Shame Shields. You are worth it! Click to watch.

Maybe it's time by The Milk Carton Kids.

Music has helped to heal me a great deal over the course of my life. I hope this song by the Milk Carton Kids is healing for you as well. I have also found this sad, deep, and powerful song by The Band so healing. You can hear the pain in Richard Manuel's voice and I really relate to his expression of anguish and shame. (He would later take his life as a result of his pain, and his addiction to alcohol).

Tears of Rage, The Band, At Woodstock 1969

I would be honored to start a dialogue here not only about what you have learned but also about what will help you most in your fight against shame! Together we can grow, learn and change!

Recover On!

David Avram Wolfe

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