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You Are Your Own Best Resource

"What do you think is your best attempt at change? What will work for you?"

Why are these two of the most important questions I can ask a client?

I strongly believe we are our own best resource. The truth is, you know yourself more intimately than anyone else does or ever will. If you choose what to work on, wouldn't you be more inclined and motivated to do it?

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would always remind me it was never difficult for me to find time to play video games. However, to find time to do chores was an entirely different story!

This is exactly the point, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE?”

If I choose something for you to work on, something that you have little interest or faith in, the likelihood it will work is very slim or nil. If you honestly say to me, “This will not work for me,” it can be far more useful. In life, I find it is just important, if not more important, to know what you do not want to do.

Working together is a partnership and I want the partnership to remain open and self-guided by you. I believe, as part of the process, we will both be changed. In the words of Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia from the song Scarlet Begonias: "Strangers meetings strangers just to shake their hands, everyone is playing in the heart of gold band."

I will be guided by my intuition and experience and you will be guided by your understanding of yourself and your needs. We will work to deepen and broaden this understanding together. This process will allow new ideas and opportunities to enter into the equation. Often these new ideas are the ones we would not have the confidence and/or willingness to accept prior to gaining this new understanding of ourselves.

In grace, I find the room for growth.

This is the beauty of character building. If we focus on the growth as a process as opposed to the end result, we will grow!

Grow On

David Avram Wolfe

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