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Living One day at a is not supposed to be easy!

The concept sounds so simple and easy; however, following and putting it into practice can be a real challenge! I work at staying in the moment, living simply, and doing the next right thing placed before me. Foremost, I have to STOP, LISTEN, THINK, and LEARN, which helps me to respond appropriately and not react inappropriately.

In the moment, I acknowledge change can be simple and easy; however, maintaining it can be very difficult and challenging. For example, it is not giving up drinking that is difficult but staying stopped. It is not giving up sugar or grain that is difficult but avoiding it for the long haul. The thought of never or forever can be overwhelming.

Can I live in the day, and in this day alone? In reality, it is actually all I have. What a beautiful limitation it is! Staying in today can be the kindest chain link fence to which I have ever been imprisoned.

Live Just for Today!

Recover on!


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