Adapted from Terence T. Gorski and Merlene Miller's definition of Addiction from Staying Sober A Guide for Relapse Prevention, an incredible book, "Addiction is a condition in which a person develops bio-psycho-social dependence on a mood altering substance."

  • BIO: it effects the body 

  • PSYCHO: it effects the mind

  • SOCIAL: it effects our relationships with others and the environment 

In the case of Food Addiction, the substance is food or food like substances, e.g., sugar, sweeteners, processed food, flour, grains, and/or starches.

Food addiction causes the individual to use food to relieve pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Continued use of food leads to continued use of food which results in obsession, compulsion, and craving. This is food addiction.


I am able to identify your trigger foods through the use of the Trigger Food Triangle combined with my deep understanding of food, metabolism, addiction, and the biological nature of cravings. With this information, I am able to create an individualized food plan that will leave you free from guilt, debate, and romance. By using cognitive addiction tools, motivational tools, nutritional tools, and empowerment, I am able to provide you with the proper techniques to support your recovery. Your meals will not only nourish your body but help heal the damage that has occurred over the years. I believe that you are your own best resource. Recovery is not a race; however, it is not necessary to wait forever. Together we can make it happen!


I became a dietitian to combine my love for food with my desire to help others. It is a gift to be a supportive member of an individual's progress and success. To help others conquer overwhelming odds is my greatest reward. As a dietitian working with emotional eating and food addiction, I am able to experience this daily.


What sets my work apart with clients is my model! I understand that food is not just food. Food is eaten for fuel, but also for joy! It is our culture, our tradition, our heritage, and even our love! I know that some people cook to eat while some people cook to feed others. I am willing to approach food from multiple angles; not only from the angle of science and nutrition, but also from the angle of mindfulness and spirituality. I am open to working on the aspects of eating you want to work on. When you are ready, I will challenge your beliefs about food and healthy eating. I will encourage you to assess and decipher your needs from your wants. This will help create the tools you need for a long-lasting impact on your health and life.

I grew up in a home where food addiction was present. This gives me a strong first-hand understanding, acceptance, and experience of the disorder and what it takes to achieve and maintain recovery. Very few dietitians understand food as an addiction, let alone the importance of the recovery process.

In addition, in 2016, I was the consulting dietitian chosen to create the food plan to be used in a newly established in-patient food addiction treatment center based in Toronto. When questions arose, I was responsible for the nutritional decisions. Much of the long-term success of the patients in this program has been attributed to the food plan.  Read Marlene’s story.

Furthermore, I have worked in the food industry for years. Not only do I have degrees in clinical and culinary nutrition, but I have a degree in culinary arts as well. With this added knowledge, I can help you redesign many of your favorite dishes so that you can eat them. Also, when dining out, I can help you choose the right menu offerings and tell you exactly what the chef/cook needs to know to prepare your meals. All of this ensures that your meals will be clean and trigger free and can be eaten without guilt or debate.

You will not have to hate your food; you will learn to love it!


MS: Masters of Science 
RD: Registered Dietitian
CNSC: Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (certified in enteral and parenteral nutrition)
LDN: Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
FAC: Food Addiction Counselor


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